The Lo-Fi Voyage Album Cover
The Lo-Fi Voyage

An enchanting collection of Lo-Fi instrumentals, crafted to tell a story within but will be a great asset towards your own creative minds and workings. 

Perfect for long streams, studying or even a party night.

The Lo-fi Voyage speaks about a tale of the near future. Where we decide to leave our home, Earth. Will it be for the better or is all we ever needed already here?

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3ep album cover

3ep is a small capsule release of electronic instrumentals to study, game or vibe too. Something light to bring in the new year!

Ice Cap is a nostalgic electronic tune with future bass vibes. It also is reminiscent of old school Mario levels on ice! Brooklyn Hill is a remnant boom bap style beat with vibey synths and jumpy drumbeat. Perfect for that late night study. Daze Craze is an up- tempo Hip Hop instrumental just right for hard knocks and screw faces! Perfect for fighting games or that morning gym session!

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Glitches Album Cover
A musical project of of beats and instrumentals, singling electronic sounds, synths and samples with single notes across different genres to invoke calm, peace, inspiration, grit or just to vibe. Inspired by all the creatives across the world spreading the vibes!
Feel free to remix or use for your vocals! We would love to work with others x
The project is a beta release so glitches may occur through the experience, this is intended for this build. Zone.

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