Searching for Choices Cover
Presenting Searching For Choices
Searching For Choices is a novel created from the script of the Visual Novel Love? which was released in 2010 to Mobile and Web as a small project.

Love? was inspired by playing Visual Novels like Clannad (Key,2004), Hatoful Boyfriend (PigeoNation Inc., 2011) and many other Japanese dōjin soft visual novels created for PC during 2005-2010. When Video Games, Anime and cheesy American shows used "High School" as the main setting of choice! Falling in love is an emotional upheaval at any age, but for teenagers and adolescents it can feel like the end of the world so Searching For Choices playfully delves into those innocent times & nostalgic moments where how good friends and strong morals can help you throughout your young years to old. 

You play as Kai, a senior at Shinto Academy on his last term before Summer who is trying to find value in life, wonder with his wealth of friends and the yearning for romance. Whilst naive to true love, its the path of self discovery, infatuation and growing up that shines through as you read on.

While reading the light heart tale, you can make choices which significantly change the story. 

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