Swirkly is whatever you want it to be...

VHS Swirkly


Designed pieces with no motive except to motivate and illustrate the importance of being yourself, controlling your own universe and taking care of the world.

Built from the artistry of Game Developers, Web Designers and Creative Designers, in London, UK. Swirkly is an outlet so the artists can illustrate and paint their stories through street fashion and tech items.

Bridging the cyber-world of video games, movies, music and art into fashion was key in the creation of Swirkly. Just cool pieces with undertones of change.

The Swirkly Bear was created from a doodle ten years ago, growing and developing skills in various art styles to showcase difference and a unique setting each view.

Swirkly means existing for reason. We are determined, not just with the brand but with our personal selves to look after the Earth and appreciate our existence in this universe. Create to inspire and motivate. We all have glitches so nothing is perfect but that is the point. Whatever, whoever, lets tune in to the harmony.


Our clothes and items have low environmental damage and the highest ethical standards of production. We specifically partnered with a printing company with Organic produce & low impact. Our clothes do not bleed nor does the print fall apart. After a years, it will still be fresh! We want you fresh x